Galina Lubarsky: Jean, I am so happy for both of you. Everything looks absolutely amazing. And you look wonderful. It is so wonderful to see you so happy. Galina (11.26.07 - 10:22am)

Melissa Lange: Congratulations Jean! I was thrilled to see the news and so happy for you and Mike. Happy 1st year holidays! Cheers, Melissa & Jonathan Lange (11.25.07 - 2:03pm)

annie X: thank you ladies. I appreciate the nice comments. (9.6.07 - 3:17pm)

Ruth Bastedo: Annie- You really did a lovely job... it all looks like a dream! Your photographs are beautiful. Best wishes, The Matron of Honor (aka Ruth Bastedo) (9.6.07 - 10:10am)

Imke: Wow! Beautiful pictures of the happy couple, the setting and of our (flower-)girls. I wish we could re-enact our wedding and have the pictures taken by you. The flowergirl is really proud to be on your website. ;-) (8.30.07 - 2:36pm)

Jean: p.s. Australia was amazing! (And Mike and I spent plenty of time on the other side of the lens.) (8.30.07 - 12:15am)

Jean : Annie, THANK YOU for the wonderful photos and for all your amazing energy and support -- particularly during our exciting assortment of logistics issues on the big day! -- I hope you've got a few shots of "the great dress crisis" and the shockingly successful rescue team. :) Many thanks again for everything! Mike and I will be in touch soon. (8.30.07 - 12:12am)