bret: Annie, you guys are too cute! I love the fall look! (3.12.09 - 10:45am)

Brigitte Martin: allo cocotte- super le fun et beau travail ! bonne fete en retard . (4.16.08 - 6:40pm)

Margo: I can't believe I haven't left you a message here yet! And, I've become such a groupie. Annie, you are amazing! Your photos are breathtaking and you are the most fun to work with! I want to get married again just to have more of your pictures! Maybe we'll just have to have a baby instead. ;) (12.21.07 - 9:12pm)

suzanne: I love the new pics on the blog! I never get tired of seeing what you are doing... (12.1.07 - 9:12am)

lynn b. goldman: I am the mother of a bride that used Annie as her photographer in Lake Tahoe this past Saturday, September 15th., 2007. I have nothing but the utmost of praise for her work, her approach to taking pictures, (not obtrusive), her relaxed yet guiding manner, and the end result, magnificient shots. I live in Pennsylvania and probably will never see Annie again, so I have nothing to gain from this high praise but to enlighten others. Don't hesitate, she's great! Lynn Goldman (9.18.07 - 10:39am)

Ako: Beautiful photos with style. Thank you so much for sharing! (8.28.07 - 11:40pm)

nick: annie, you are the hardest working person I know. good job,your photos are beautiful... (8.25.07 - 3:05pm)

mary: Hi Annie as I told you before and I tell you know, I love your work you make everyone look like a million dollars! Thanks! Mary, Yessi amd Alex (8.9.07 - 9:45pm)

annie X: :) always a kind word. Hope to see you guys soon. (8.5.07 - 3:56pm)

kimberly: So it's about time that the most talented photographer I know smiles for a photo. You are amazing to work with and I thank you for everything you have done for me, my family and my friends. You rock! Congratulations on getting this done. XO (8.5.07 - 2:00pm)