Jenna Julianne: WOW!! BEAUTIFUL!! These are amazing photographs!!! I actually have been reading your blog for quite some time and should comment more!!! Well I'll make it up with this one! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your photographs have so much vivid expression....such feeling that draws me to the moment. You capture and create so much beauty! AWESOME! I want to meet you one day because you are famous in my eyes!!! :) love, Jenna Julianne (8.8.09 - 1:15pm)

annie x: great backgrounds but also they were willing to participate and hike for the shots!:) in a wedding dress and heels! We had a good time. (8.4.09 - 8:07pm)

jhphi: Wow, these pics are amazing. I feel like I'm right there! (8.4.09 - 6:53pm)

Laura: Annie these pictures are wonderful! I love the pics on the rocks in the river....sooo amazing!! (8.4.09 - 6:47pm)

Emily: These are fantastic! I think the water reflection one's my fave too! (8.4.09 - 6:26pm)

Christine: Absolutely beautiful photos - everything is so gorgeous! (8.3.09 - 11:18am)

annie x: To groomsmen #4, I had no idea you guys had numbers! it was a very lovely group , hope you had fun! (7.31.09 - 3:36pm)

Groomsmen # 4: This is a lovely group of folks and the photos are gorgeous, but personally I would like to see more of the awesome groomsmen. (7.31.09 - 12:42am)

Chris: I like the last photo, as it makes me feel like I am in the 1800's! (7.30.09 - 1:32pm)

Vicki: It's so great to see the images. We are so happy! I can say without a doubt that working with Annie was one of the major highlights of our day... (well, that and actually getting married!) Thanks again, Annie for everything!!! (7.30.09 - 1:25pm)

annie x: thank you! just got the film images back. Still editing, lots of nice images. makes a difference when the couple actually is into working to get the shots!:) (7.29.09 - 2:31pm)

Cathy: Love the detail shots. And also that one of the bride with her reflection in the water! (7.28.09 - 6:13am)

nina: Very beautiful images, Annie! (7.27.09 - 10:28am)